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CavaLoma Bison Ranch, Buffalo Herd

Grassfed Bison Meat

Bison is nature's perfect protein.

Bison is available in most areas of the country in specialty meat shops, natural and organic markets, grocery stores, and membership warehouse outlets. Many people prefer to purchase bison meat from a local rancher or at a farmers’ market. One benefit of buying bison directly from a rancher is the option of buying in bulk.

Many people enjoy the convenience of having a wide variety of meat cuts right at their fingertips, without having to go to the store. Meal planning becomes easier and time is saved. A family of four can expect a half carcass to last twelve to eighteen months depending on how many times per week they eat bison.

For more information or for orders, please click the links below.

Venison Meats

Whole animal harvesting offers hunters a wide variety of meat options.

CavaLoma arranges for whole animal harvests of axis, red stag, fallow, and antelope for our customers. These animals offer the best in lean, healthy, and natural proteins for all family members. Please contact us for specific affordable pricing and packaging. We ship to direct to your door.

We only offer whole animal harvesting on exotic game. For bookings or inquiries, please click the link below.

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