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Whitetail. Turkey. Blackbuck. Red Deer.

Axis. Fallow. Bison.

Hunt CavaLoma Ranch.

As the leaves begin to transition colors across the ranch, we welcome Fall with the distant roars of the bull red deer or the constant clash of whitetail antlers rattling. Regardless of the season, CavaLoma offers tremendous hunting experiences all year round. 


Our hunts are organized in a traditional way that includes guide services out of a ground blind with feeder pens ranging a distance of 75-120 yards. All of our hunts are guided and will include onsite lodging, meals, and guests can pick from an array of additional activities pre or post-hunt. 

We offer seasonal hunts for whitetail deer and select times of the year for all other exotics. It is important to the ranch's overall wellness to manage a certain amount of each species in specific seasons.

If you are interested in hunting one of our species, please contact us for more information on pricing and booking.

CavaLoma Bison Ranch, Deer Antlers


It is our goal to provide packages that fit each hunting experience request. See below our standard hunting package offerings and then let's get booking!


Corporate or individual hunt package in which we can accommodate 3-5 hunters for 3 days/2 nights and can hunt up to 10 animals. Not including Bison.


For the hunter who wants to come bag a trophy, fill your freezer or hunt a species off your bucket list. This package will be custom-tailored to your hunting requests.

All species included. 


Bison hunts are based on a harvest schedule with a primary focus on obtaining quality, lean meat. 

CavaLoma Bison Ranch- Deer Antlers

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